38 câu trắc nghiệm Tiếng Anh ngân hàng - Dạng 1. Chọn đáp án Đúng nhất

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Trắc nghiệm Tiếng Anh Ngân hàng

Dạng 1 - Chọn Đáp án Đúng nhất

Số câu: 38 câu

Đáp án + Dịch: Mr Nguyễn Lê Giang - ĐT: 0888.888.713

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/giang.banker

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  • Choose the best answer

1. Banks provide a place for you to keep your non-cash items, which is also known as ………

  1. Saving accounts
  2. Safe deposit boxes
  3. Deposit slips
  4. None of these

2. Exchanging goods and services without using money is ………

  1. Bartering
  2. Borrowing
  3. Salary
  4. None of these

3. When using Net Present Value method to assess a project, that project will be accepted if

  1. NPV equals to initial investment
  2. NPV < 0, but the minimum Internal Rate of Return (IRR) equals to deposit interest
  3. NPV > 0
  4. All above answers are wrong

4. The benefit of diversifying investment is

  1. Reducing risk of the set of investment assets
  2. Increasing the estimated rate of profit against each assets
  3. Reducing risk of each asset
  4. Increasing the profit rate of the set of assets
  5. All above answers are wrong
  6. All above answers are correct

5. Company B is granted a loan of 600 millions VND by a bank to make payment for buying materials in favour of company D which has an account with that Bank. When entries for this transaction are posted, how will the Accounting Balance sheet change?

  1. Liabilities increase, assets increase
  2. Liabilities increase, assets decrease
  3. Both liabilities and assets remain unchanged

6. Company A had a bank loan of VND 50 millions. At maturity, there’s only 30 millions VND on company A’s account. Bank account debited 30 millions VND from the account. The rest was put ino non-paid load interest of the customer. Two entries in turn are:

  1. An off-balance sheet entry, an on-balance sheet entry
  2. Off-balance sheet entries
  3. On-balance sheet entries
  4. None of above answers is correct

7. Equity capital

  1. Is the capital of corporate owners excluding payment guarantee
  2. Is the capital of corporate owners and contributed investors or from business results. Then equity capital is not a debt.
  3. Is the real fund available during the business and producing process of the corporate.
  4. None of above answers is correct.

8. In Bank loan, Customer and the Bank can agree the grace period in credit contract. That is:

  1. Time for withdrawing loan amount
  2. A specific period in loan term that the Customer has to pay the interest, not the principal.
  3. A specific period in loan term that the Customer does not have to pay the principal, the interest.
  4. None of above answers are correct

9. Which of the following has a service charge or fee for use?

  1. Stop payment order
  2. Certified check
  3. Bounced check/check returned for insufficient funds
  4. All of the above answers

10. On money loaned, banks charge ………

  1. More interest than what they pay on amounts in saving accounts.
  2. Less interest than what they pay on amounts in saving accounts.
  3. The same interest that what they pay on amounts in saving accounts.
  4. Nothing in saving accounts.
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