50 Successful Harvard Application Essays (Second Edition)

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50 Successful Harvard Application Essays (Second Edition)

Important note: 
All these essays are strictly for reference only. Any form of copying or imitation is considered  plagiarism  and  hence  severely  punished  by  admission  officers. 
Remember that these 50 essays are very popular and have been around for a very long time (probably even before you were born!). Therefore, the admission officers are  VERY  familiar  with  them.  Again,  do  NOT  copy  or  imitate  anything  from  these essays if you want to succeed 
A Formation of Self
Before even touching the camera, I made a list of some of the photographs I would take: 
web  covered  with  water,  grimace  reflected  in  the  calculator  screen,  hand  holding  a  tiny round mirror where just my eye is visible, cat's striped underbelly as he jumps toward the lens, manhole covers, hand holding a translucent section of orange, pinkies partaking of a pinkie swear, midsection with jeans, hair held out sideways at arm's length, bottom of foot, soap on face. This, I think is akin to a formation of self. Perhaps I have had the revelations 
even if the photos are never • I already know the dual strains the biographers will talk about, strains  twisting  through  a  life.  The  combination  is  embodied  here:  I  write  joyfully,  in  the margin  of my  lab book, beside a  diagram  of a beaker, "Isolated  it today, Beautiful  wispy strands, spider webs suspended below the surface, delicate tendrils, cloudy white, lyrical, elegant DNA! This is DNA! So beautiful!" 
I should have been a Renaissance man. It kills me to choose a field (to choose between the sciences and the humanities!). My mind roams, I wide-eyed, into infinite caverns and loops. 
I should fly! Let me devour the air, dissolve everything into my bloodstream, learn!
The  elements  are  boundless,  but,  if  asked  to  isolate  them,  I  can  see  tangles  around medicine and writing. The trick will be to integrate them into a whole, and then maybe I can take the photograph. Aahh, is it already there, no? Can't you see it? I invoke the Daedalus in me, everything that has gone into making me, hoping it will be my liberation. 
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