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1.1.1. Definition of geodesy
Geodesy,  also  known  as geodetics  or  Geodetic  Engineering,  a  branch  of applied 
Mathematics and Earth  sciences,  is  the  scientific  discipline  that  deals  with  the 
measurement  and  representation of the Earth, including its gravitational field, in a threedimensional time-varying space. Geodesists also study geodynamical phenomena such 
as crustal motion, tides,  and polar  motion.  For  this,  they  design  global  and 
national control  networks,  using space  and  terrestrial  techniques  while  relying 
on datums and coordinate systems.
Geodesy  from the  Greek word  (or  geodaisia),  is primarily concerned with positioning 
within the temporally varying gravity field. Somewhat obsolete nowadays, geodesy,  in 
the German-speaking world, is divided into "Higher Geodesy", which is concerned with 
measuring  the  Earth  on  the  global  scale,  and  "Practical  Geodesy"  or  "Engineering 
Geodesy", which is concerned with measuring specific parts or regions of the Earth, and 
which includes surveying.
The shape of the Earth is to a large extent the result of its rotation, which causes its 
equatorial bulge, and the competition of geological processes such as the  collision of 
plates and the volcanism, resisted by the Earth's gravity field. This applies to the solid 
surface,  the liquid surface (dynamic sea surface topography) and the Earth's atmosphere. 
For this reason, the study of the Earth's gravity field is called physical geodesy by some.
Geodesy (n): trắc địa học
Geodesist (n): nhà trắc địa học
Gravitational field: trường trọng lực
Geodynamical phenomena: hiện tượng địa động lực
Crustal motion: chuyển động của vỏ trái đất 
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