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After  more  than  20  years  of  renovation  from  1996  to  present  the  great 
achievements gained from the renovation of the country, Vietnam has gained many 
achievements  in  economic  development,  especially  poverty  reduction  and  stay  in 
political stability, people's life improved clearly the Vietnam Textile noduoc can be 
evaluated  as national economic growth to the fastest in the world, Vietnam has tried 
to The first to improve the quality of life for people, pursue the objective of building 
a  country  of  rich  countries  with  strong  social  democratic  and  civilized, 
economically  strong,  solid  defense,  stability  of  the  and  for  the  development  of 
prosperous  nations  peoples.  Compared  with  other  countries  in  the  region  and  the 
world,  Vietnam  is  considered  as  attractive  destination  for  foreign  investors,  as 
Vietnam has abundant human resources, hardworking people of Vietnam creativity, 
grace th love and good will to labor and capital to Vietnam could have consumed 
large  school  with  a  population  of  over  83  million  people,  with  a  mostly  youn g 
population,  large  potential  purchasing  power,  the  ability  to  consume  goods  is 
significant,  adding  that  policies  to  encourage  investment  market  opening  of  the 
state,  especially  nhapva  trend  since  2007  when  Vietnam  has  officially  become  a 
member of the WTO  more open to Vietnam opportunities to attract big investors, 
reputation in the world to Vietnam
Today,  many  multinational  corporations  have  also  in  Vietnam,  and  the 
number  will  be  increasing  since  2007  when  Vietnam  officially  becomes  WTO 
Along  with  attracting  investment  from  abroad,  Vietnam  has  many 
opportunities for access to new technologies of the world and conditional learning 
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