Vinamilk - Business Strategy

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Introduction: Established August 20, 1976, far VINAMILK has become Vietnam's leading companies in the processing and supply of dairy products, was ranked in the top 10 strongest brands in Vietnam. VINAMILK not only occupy 75% market share of domestic milk, but also exports its products to many countries around the world such as America, France, Canada...
  • Task 1.1 Strategy process
  Definition VINAMILK
Vision Strategic vision is the long-term orientation that the governance outlines of the enterprise in the future based on forecasts of the volatility of the business environment. It is a source of inspiration and motivation; it even creates trends affecting the development of the whole society. VINAMILK focus all resources to build the dairy and food company with health benefits. By building strategic product lines with long-term competitive advantage, VINAMILK has become the company rapid growth and most sustainable.
Mission The mission of the company is a concept used to determine the purpose of the company, the reasons that why the company has establish and existence bases, its development. The company's mission is the manifesto of the company to society; it demonstrates the usefulness and significance of the company's existence to society. VINAMILK constantly diversifying product lines, expanding the distribution territory ... in order to maintain the leading position on the domestic market. VINAMILK would like to become the most favorite products of all regions, territories.
Goals The goal is set up by a company and this is also the final result that they want to achieve. Become a dairy joint stock company leading in Asia.
Objective To accomplish the final goals, we have set out the objectives to achieve it. And often, the targets associated with the quantification of time, number ... clear, and goals must be feasible.
  • By 2020 the construction of 30 branches in the major markets of Asia such as: China, Japan, Korea, India, Indonesia, Thailand…
  • By 2025, construction of 15 factories in China, Thailand, India, Indonesia.
  • 2030 to occupy 30% of the Asian market in the field of nutritional products. Construction of 500 thousand points of distribution throughout Asia.

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