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Top of Form
I'm sorry, Mr. Davis, but your check hasn't ____________________ ( = gone through) yet.

2. Do you have any ____________________ debts? ( = debts that you have not paid off)

3. You'll have to ____________________ these forms. Once you do that, I'll give them to our bank manager for approval.
  fill out

4. We'll ____________________ your lost card. No problem.

5. To ____________________ money to someone's account means to transfer money into someone's account.

6. We have to reset your ____________________ number. ( = the secret code for your bank/ATM card) 

7. I keep half of my savings in an account, and the other half in a ____________________ box at my bank. 
  safe-deposit box
  safe-keeping box
  safety box

8. A money market account is a combination checking and savings account, one in which your bank ____________________ your deposited money for you.

9. Bankrate.com is a good place to check which banks and credit unions ____________________ for various accounts.
  offer the good deals
  offer the best deals
  provide you with best deals

10. Each account has different ____________________ ( = characteristics). You should decide which ____________________ are most important for you.

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