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A陰 S渦 1 SECTION 1: Language usage (30 marks): Circle the correct answer 1. In the long term ……….. is due to increase in the price of raw materials. This is the situation where prices rise to keep up with increased production cost. a. devaluation b. inflation c. recession d. crisis 2. In a accordance with our usual terms, payment will be by …………This is a letter from a bank authorizing payment of a certain sum to a person or a company. a. cheque b. banker’s draft c. letter of credit d. cash on delivery 3. We enclose our ……….., which is a formal request for payment. a. receipt b. quotation c. commercial invoice d. bill of lading 4. The industry and construction ……….. is facing difficulties due to low efficiency and competitiveness. a. set b. sector c. section d. part
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